2015. december 2., szerda

Green animals-topiary

I wonder this green sculptures-topiary. This is top quality of gardening, more than ornament. Simply are adorable!

This is real, done by John Brooker, a retiree aged 75 who lives in Norfolk, UK. //Topiary Cat Drinking from a lake | by Rich Saunders:
Topiary cat drinking by a lake
pachyderm topiary:
pachyderm topiary
Make topiaries!:

Amazing Animal Bush Sculptures - My Modern Metropolis:
boxwood chickens | david stark + aaron delise photography via @Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine:
boxwood chickens
Dog Topiary, aahhh too cute!!! In honor of the best, best friend anyone could have <3.:
butterfly topiary - amazing topiary art:
giraffe topiary: will one day be in my yard for my giraffe-obsessed boyfriend:
Photo No name. Album Топиарий в парках России.Красота - 145 photos. @ ЗВЕЗДА ЛЮБВИ @'s photos.:

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