Popular boxwood balls

Contemporary Cubico planters in black gloss! Potted with the classic boxwood ball. For no maintenance and no watering why not opt for artificial. View here
Boxwood balls are very popular in the contemporary garden. It is simple plant, but easy to form. Round shape attracts the eye.
Similar arrangement to be in the stable courtyard. Architectural planting scheme of Beautiful box topiary and giant alliums under Birch trees, photographed by Clive Nichols, link on facebook.
boxwood with giant alliums under Birch trees
Love this front door and faux boxwood balls hanging from plant hanger hooks - very classy!
 faux boxwood balls hanging  from plant hanger hooks
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like green island
Stone, clipped Buxus and Chamaecyparis spheres in gravel - GAP Photos - Martin Staffler
space flanking
Accepting the FREE evaluation from at least two or three landscape design service specialists is a good way to get a ball park figure on the costs and also to know the landscape design possibilities on your property.
modern landscape
vintage urn with boxwood balls and a cherub....
and vintage urn with cherub


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