2015. május 27., szerda

Small rest

Outdoor reading nook #wainscoting [ WainscotingAmerica.com ]
Every day must have a couple of minute for relaxation.
This is one idea for making small resting place in the garden.

2015. május 16., szombat

Wall vegetables

ADVISORS A projects wishing to develop reuse and recycling bio - constructions, eco- technologies, vertical walls and urban gardens .
why not?
If have free place on the wall, you can to plant vegetables. It is low coast project and practical. First of all is bio-recycling.  
Simple Vertical Gardens from recycled plastic bottles. Here's a way to plant lettuce vertically. The rabbits might have to work hard to eat those plants!

2015. május 15., péntek

Kameleon in the garden

Kameleon van vetplanten
when Kameleon have in the garden
This way is big and floral variety have in the garden. This is likeable than to meet in the nature.
This animal do not eat, only ask for water. 

2015. május 13., szerda

Green solution for outside

It is very likeable solution when tree remain in natural place. Modern and environmental friendly outdoor rest area is this. 

2015. május 8., péntek

Wall grass

Rocamora Arquitectura | Nursery School

Fantastic idea for decorating walls when grass have in circles.
It is firstly strange notion, but if you think about it more, why not?
So do not surely trample down your lawn!

2015. május 7., csütörtök

2015. május 4., hétfő